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About Eons Of Evolution

Eons of Evolution is an interplanetary action adventure. A whole experience for science fiction fans.

The story goes through several seasons. We can watch characters, enemies, space stations, different planets, wars, decadent and unexpected places.

In the series, we will learn about technologies, civilizations, concepts, countercultures and an explanation on how the human being has colonized the universe.

Imagine companies such as Rio Tinto Company Limited and Google around Space mining. ASUS, Toshiba, Sansung, Intel, about technology. SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Tesla about ships, and many other companies conquer the stars, to continue supplying the growing world of human being. A world where you can speculate the future.

And we also go further, and present a complex project. A graphic novel, called Beyond A thousand worlds. A specific music section, called Beyond lost sound. A lot of photography content, called Beyond The Soul. And more

Are you ready for the experience. Eons of Evolution

And remember. At last frontier fight, evolve and keepgoing

What can you find here?

Within Eons of evolution you can find a great world full of stories created in different media of expression (audiovisual, literature, photography…), but always under the same timeline or world.

You can find stories in the current timeline of the project in question, year 8550, as well as throughout the entire timeline that leads us to this point starting from 2000.

Eons of evolution is presented as a transmedia project and each part of the story, as we say, will be represented in a different artistic medium and through the vision of various artists. This will be named as a franchise to recognize it as a name.

How to recognize each part or franchise Eons of Evolution

As we have mentioned, Eons of evolution is divided into franchises that can be audiovisual, literary, photography, videogames, etc. Different ways of expressing a global idea in small portions called franchises.

In order to know at what point we are or situate those franchises or stories, we have a timeline that shows the stories created and the format in which they have been created.

In addition to this you can see on a star map the different worlds where these stories or franchises are located.

We also provide an incredible wiki or knowledge base where you will find more information about each franchise, character and others.

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