Beyond the soul artbook

We can now announce that we have our art book Beyond The Soul, the crossover of Soul Reaper and Eons Of Evolution® in its first stage, available on the Amazon Kindle.

Beyond the Soul is the Artbook that collects the essence of Soul Reaper’s photography along with the space science fiction theme of Eons Of Evolution®, giving a conceptual visual of what the characters of this last world could be.

The Artbook shows the sessions and explains the challenges they had, the team, the casting and how artistic photography was adapted to the environment of the aforementioned project.

In this way, the first images of the world of Eons Of Evolution® emerged, and the teaser could be made that would give us the option to put The Beyond series on sale, within this vast world of human expansion throughout the nearby galaxy, remembering 20 light years around the sun in the next 6000 years.