Beyond A Thousands Worlds stories

In this post we are going to present Beyond A Thousands Words stories, accompanied by a brief summary. These stories are presented in volumes, and each volume includes two stories, a longer and more relevant story and a side story.

The longest stories are those that intersect or complement the main story, which we will see in The Beyond.

The shorter or secondary stories tell us what some of the corners of this world of Beyond Space Project are like.

Beyond A Thousands Worlds stories

Next, in the following lines we present the stories of this literary section Beyond A Thousands Words.


The story tells humanity’s first contact with aliens and how they help him with his technology so that humans take their first interstellar steps. The EVA project is a project similar to an ark that will put on the planet `Em the foundations of human culture and define the first interstellar colonies in space. Unfortunately, space can be a hostile place full of dangers that must be overcome.


The tribe, Beyond a thousands worlds

Alicia has a state-of-the-art prosthetic body, acquired after a major accident and assembled by the stellar authorities, so she has contracted a debt at the service of these.

In her first job, while adapting to her incredible prosthetic sensors, Alicia lives a series of traumatic moments exploring the planet where a new human colony is settling.


Apollo is an intergenerational ship that advances from system to system where it is required to perform repairs and build complexes in outer space. The universe is a very large and rough place and the philosophy of these ships is to build and move on.

The crew of the Apollo after generations of progress face a project like no other, in which difficulties of all kinds will be encountered.


A great war between star races has broken out, humans try to conquer a Burk territory to be able to curb its advance on an important commercial flank. It is here that a battalion is caught between the avant-garde of humans and enemy lines. This group must survive or die.


There was a time when bio engineering became fashionable, to such an extent that everything became monstrous, dominant animal genes became uncontrollable and new wild generations.

The human government made the determination to exile all the genetically modified on planet C, a planet where no one comes out alive.


Quadarts station

A space station located in the confines of the Alpha Centauri system monitors the enemies that once stood against the entire galaxy, the artificial intelligence hives, which were finally contained in the Sirius system and some Alpha Centauri redoubts.

Now everything is quiet after 2000 years, and information droids spend long periods monitoring the area, until something unexpected happens in a shift.


Geko, a young dreamer lived in the Ulysses shipyard. After the death of her father, director and one of the best engineers, she wanted to follow in her footsteps, but the business and the ship were in the doldrums, so her mother didn’t want her there, everyone was looking for a better future.

One day his father’s best friend gave him the opportunity to create something new, something that would revolutionize the understanding of spacecraft and bring him closer to Yao Therm’s great career.


An antiquarian receives a new client, he looks around the ship while asking about everything he sees, encountering all kinds of historical jewels.


A strange hotel located near a supernova, and built from a large destroyer abandoned by the human coalition, contains unexplained secrets that excite intrepid travelers. These travelers will live an unforgettable experience beyond human understanding and consciousness.



The St. Angel, an independent mercenary rescue and transport ship receives a signal from a planet of extreme conditions.

Upon reaching this, in an unorthodox way, they find that a series of machines along with a strange cyborg-shaped character dig for an artifact.

The crew tries to get the device by snatching it from this strange group of cyborgs


A group of special anti-system forces, called leviathan, fight against the tyrants of Gibson Corp on a mining planet far from any coalition.

A traitor among their ranks unleashes a massacre of supporters and members of the organization, but Sasha must go all the way to get revenge and clear the name of the organization and all its members, ending the tyranny.


The new president of the UN and the organization of United planets has come into power promising to free the land, the hometown of all humans, tyrants and warlords who have long been controlling it.

To do this, it has a small contingent, in the best of cases insufficient to do the work of 3 armies.

This contingent under Captain Ortega will face a series of dangers in the devastated battlefield that he will find on earth.


Phoenix Beyond a thousands worlds

Steve Nils is betrayed after a coup and is cornered by the authorities. The pirate and leader of the Phoenix is convicted and imprisoned in an artificial planetoid that serves as a prison for millions of criminals.

There a series of revelations will make Steve rise in an almost divine mission, recruiting a great army of daredevils in order to end the emerging threat of artificial intelligence hives.


This story tells us how the territories and political systems of the known world are divided, drawing a contextual map of races, alliances and worlds.

Beyond A Thousands Worlds team

Before finishing this post, we must present the team that has made this previous phase of this section possible. On the one hand we have the illustrators, who have created the various samples, Virginia Méndez and Sara Estrella.

On the other hand we have the creator of the project Carlos Lorite, which has created the content of the stories, as well as the adaptation of some of the scripts for the graphic novels.

So far today’s post, now it’s up to you to fit each piece and deduce which of the stories will be main and which secondary. And don’t forget to reserve your Beyond A Thousands Words collection