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Today we are going to present a short video, Beyond Space Project Season 3 Technical Team Video.

The third season ranges from the ending of the samples of the graphic novel section, Beyond A Thousands Worlds, to the ending of a Teaser Pitch elevator.

Beyond Space Project Season 3 Technical Team

Without further ado, we present all the team members in that season in one way or another.

3rd season

The goal of the 3rd season of the Beyond Space Project was to create audiovisual content to show what the Beyond Space Project could be like. This is done with the aim of sale and development to potential buyers or executive producers, including at this point the Pitch Elevator.

The pitch elevator is created to quickly show what the project consists of, a quick and forceful description that includes the images created, both in shooting and created by CGI.

Season content also includes The Beyond teaser or footage and Beyond The Soul concept photography.

4 season

In the fourth season we can find the complete sequences of The Beyond, from which the teaser pitch cuts are extracted. In addition to the sequences we can also see small animations of the CGIs created for the occasion, always of interest.

In the Beyond The Soul section we will continue with the conceptual photographs exploring various places and characters within what would be the history of the Beyond Space Project.

We hope you have been able to get to know the team members better, we will soon introduce all the casting members. In future posts we will continue to be informed of news and of course surprises in the project.